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After the dead of Marcus´ father-in-law, who managed a coffee farm in Carmo de Minas, Marcus decided to take over. Facing this new challenge, Marcus took some time to study and learn all he could about his new tasks with consultancies and help from agronomists and coffee-business players. At that time, one thing left him shocked: the classification of the coffees from Carmo de Minas and region was held in Varginha or Santos, and therefore was no feedback for the farmers about the quality of their coffees or about what they could do to produce better beans. Foreseeing the need of another kind of workflow on that issue, Marcus was one of the members of the pioneer movement that brought the interest of quality labs and coffee tasters to the region, resulting in the actual scenario of Carmo de Minas. With that pioneering spirit conducing all his steps in coffee business, Marcus settled a partnership with Jacques Carneiro and CarmoCoffees in order to rate each sample of coffee produced in Fazenda Chapada as a measure to know exactly in which aspect – harvesting, processing and storing – he could make improvements. Today he says: “The Chapada is increasingly hoping to improve the quality of its coffees because the market is increasingly competitive, so we have to reinvent ourselves every day to be part of this select group of surprisingly special coffee producers!”

Country: Brazil
Region: Soledade de Minas
Farm: Fazenda Chapada
Farm Size: 60 ha (25 ha with coffee)
Altitude: 1.010 - 1.180 masl
Owner: Marcus Carvalho
Producer: Carmo Coffees
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This coffee has a light citric acidity, is balanced and nutty with notes of pomelo.

Variety: Yellow Icatu, Acaiá, Yellow Catucai, Mundo Novo, Red Catuai
Processing: pulped natural, natural, fermented
Acidity: Light
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