Brazil Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fátima

Farm Coffee

Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fatima is situated within the Triangulo Mineiro, in the famed Cerrado region. Coffees from this area are often touted as some of the best that Brazil has to offer. The dark red soil typical of the area produces an excellent cup. This farm produces only 100% organic coffee. Its 895,000 coffee trees are closely monitored by a full-time agricultural engineer to ensure consistency and quality. Ricardo Aguiar Resende, a third-generation coffee farmer, directs the farm’s production, commercialization and social projects along with his wife, Gisele.

Country: Brazil
Region: Perdizes, Alto Paranaiba, Minas Gerais
Farm: Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fátima
Farm Size: 370 ha
Altitude: 950 masl
Owner: Ricardo Aguiar, Grupo Saquarema
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This coffee has a good body, a delicate acidity and flavors of chocolate & stone fruits.

Stone Fruits Chocolate
Variety: Acaiá, Icatu, Bourbon, Catuai, Mundo Novo
Body: Good
Acidity: Delicate
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