Brazil Fazenda São José Da Pedra Grande

Regional Coffee

Fazenda São José da Pedra Grande is placed in the heart of brazilian Coffee production, Sul de Minas, near the city of Campestre. It´s Coffee grows in an altitude of 1.150 meters above sea level, the climate is perfect for growing high quality coffee. The farm is runned by second generation of Ribeiro family by Luís Antônio Moares Ribeiro.

Faz. S.J.P.G total area is 664 há , it produces an avarege of 15.000 bags, where 30% of it is Pulpled Natural and the 70% Natural. The plantations are distributed along 400 há , all drip irrigated to better preserve the environment and ensure high average production.

“We are very careful with nature, there is an área of 135 há of natural forest to keep our environment balanced and preserved. To make all this happen, we have a highly trained team of 36 people who constantly take technical courses for specializing in a sustainable and efficient Coffee production regarding environment and people.”

Country: Brazil
Region: Camprestre
Farm: Fazenda São José da Pedra Grande
Farm Size: 664 há
Altitude: 1.150 masl.
Owner: Luís Antônio Moares Ribeiro
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This coffee is known for its bright sweetness and sweet-nut notes and hints of agrumes. It has a velvety body.

Citric Fruits Nut
Variety: Obatã, Catuai, Yellow Bourbon
Processing: pulped natural, natural
Body: Velvety
Acidity: Medium Sweetness
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