Burundi Gitega Mwizero


Mwizero is a fruity coffee from the Kibuye washing station, which won the prestigious Cup of Excellence award in 2014. JNP Coffee’s Q-Grader visited its source in Gitega Province, an area in central Burundi that experiences good rain levels, in May 2018. As they discussed with the coffee farmers some best practices for producing high-quality coffee, they learned that cherries mature later in this region because they retain water longer. The additional maturation time results in more complex sugars, which makes the coffee sweeter. Very good quality, clear stream water is used to process the coffee at Kibuye, a small, tidy washing station in operation for quite some time.

During the manual sorting process, farmers are shaking off the cherries’ dried parchment on “urutaro” – a large, flat handwoven basket used to remove the excess dry skin and defects before dry milling. Mwizero, “to have hope in,” describes the consistent quality of this coffee year after year.

Country: Burundi
Region: Gitega
Altitude: 1.551 masl
Washing Station: Kibuye
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This coffee has a strong body, a citric acidity and a hint of orange flavors.

Variety: Bourbon
Processing: washed
Body: Strong
Acidity: Citric
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