Burundi Ngozi Bavyeyi


Coffee grown in Ngozi Province has a special meaning for JNP Coffee founder Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian, as that is where her mother grew up. Stories of her mother helping the family harvest coffee cherries to cover school fees stand behind the name for this coffee. In Kirundi, “Bavyeyi” means “parents.”

Remote areas of this high-altitude province are well known for quality coffee. JNP Coffee is working with an experienced woman-owned cooperative there, which has more than 600 members, many of them Muslim women. The JNP Coffee Q-grader has travelled to the washing station several times to advise the farmers on best practices to strengthen their crops and achieve the highest scores.

Country: Burundi
Region: Ngozi
Altitude: 1.800 masl
Producer: >600 farmers
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This coffee has a round and juicy body, a high sweetness and flavors of dried fruits & plum.

Dried fruits Plum
Variety: Bourbon
Processing: natural
Body: Juicy, Round
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