Colombia Timaná Caribecafé

Farm Coffee

Timana is the land of a heroic woman “La Gaitana” famous for her love for her community and courageous life in defense of her people during the Spanish regime. The history of this town was first developed by ancestral Indian settlements known for their hand made mud vessels. As an icon of freedom, this town of heroes is well represented in the spirit of the coffee farmers who live to cultivate and offer the best coffee cup.

Country: Colombia
Region: Municipo de Timaná, Huila
Farm: 4.845 members
Farm Size: 2,2 ha in average
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This coffee has a winey character with a hint of citric notes and a very balanced cup with pleasent aftertaste.

Citrus Wine
Variety: Castillo, Colombia, Caturra
Processing: washed
Aftertaste: Pleasant