Colombia Tropical Castillo


Samuel has been testing several types of procedures and coffees with his family in order to obtain the “Tropical” flavor. He keeps the details confidential but claims that the right harvesting as well as anaerobic fermentation taken in both cherry and after depulping, and a special long drying done by using their own developed electric dryer will make the “Tropical” notes so distinct. Samuel has been able to receive more than 10 awards of different Specialty Coffee Associations and companies so far, being recognized as a producer of highly interesting and exotic coffees.

Country: Colombia
Region: Piendamo, Cauca
Farm: El Paraiso
Farm Size: 2.5 ha
Altitude: 1.960 masl
Owner: Samuel Bermudez
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This coffee has a smooth, delicate body, a fresh acidity and flavors of grapefruit and apple.

Apple Grapefruit
Processing: anarobic fermentation, special long drying
Body: Delicate, Smooth
Acidity: Fresh