Costa Rica La Candelilla Estate SL28


La Candelilla Estate is located in the municipality of TarrazĂș, Costa Rica. The farm is well known as one of the pioneers in the production of micro-lots in Costa Rica and has become famous for producing washed, natural and honey-processed coffees of excellent quality. The farm grows and experiments with different varieties, including Caturra, Catuai, Typica, Geisha and SL28. Candelilla was one of the first farms in Costa Rica to introduce Africanbeds for the drying process, and was one of the first to fully focus on processing micro-lots in their own micro-mill.

Country: Costa Rica
Region: San Marcos de Tarrazu
Farm: Candelilla Estate
Farm Size: ca. 28 ha
Altitude: 1.750 masl
Owner: Sanchez Family
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A cup with a bright and sparkling acidity, with a smooth, tea-like body.
Floral and fruity flavours.

Floral Fruity
Variety: SL 28
Processing: washed
Body: Floral, Honey, Tea-like
Cupping Score: 85
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