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Farm Coffee

The company joined the coffee industry in December 2010 G.C through establishing the Almaz seyoum Beyene coffee exporting company (a sister company) that focuses on buying Arabica coffee and exporting it to different parts of the world. Nowadays, our company (Dimtu coffee industry Plc) is working on both natural and washed coffee types having already constructed washing station and dry mill at Oddo Shakiso farm and Hambela Wamena district.

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Oromia, Guji Zone Oddo Shakiso District
Farm: Dimtu Coffee Plantation, Tero Farm
Farm Size: 151 ha (the company’s farm size) & 1.523 ha (it’s out growers)
Altitude: 1.808 - 2.128 masl
Owner: Dimtu Coffee Industry Plc. (Getachew Zeleke G.M.)
Washing Station: Dimtu Coffee Industry Washing Station & Dry Mill
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Densely flavored, saturated finish, sweet spicy. A sweet aftertaste, and acidity with notes of red grape and zesty orange. Good balance and light body.

Spicy Sweet
Variety: mixed heirloom
Processing: natural, washed
Grade: 1
Body: Light
Acidity: Sweet
Aftertaste: Sweet
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