Ethiopia Kefa Forest Coffee

Cooperative Coffee

Kefa Forest coffee is situated in the southwestern part of Ethiopia, namely the Kafa region. Arabica coffee is believed to originate from here, wherefore the name “coffee” derived from the word “kafa”. Coffee is grown in the deep forests with little or no intrevention of humans. It is therefore mostly wild grown, arising in the forest coffee label.
The major part is natural processed, nonetheless some cooperatives started additional wet processing, like Kuti, Diri, Michiti, or Wodiyo coops from the Kafa Union.

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Kafa
Farm: 215 farmers
Farm Size: 167 ha in total
Altitude: 1.400 - 2.100 masl
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This coffee has a present acidity, round body and flavors of berries and chocolate

Fruity Berry Chocolate
Variety: Arabica
Processing: natural, washed
Body: Round
Acidity: Balanced