Ethiopia Shakisso Mordecofe

Farm Coffee

In 2001, Haile Gebre quit his job at the Ethiopian government and has started managing the two farms and two washing stations under the umbrella of Mordecofe that was first owned by his grandfather. The estate is located in the Guji zone about 200 miles from the Kenyan border. Haile Gebre is working with several medium size coffee farmers on about 640 hectares of land.
Haile Gebre’s coffee is processed by a 6 hour washing technique that cleans his coffee beans perfectly and removes of any remaining fruit, alcohol and sugars. After soaking, the coffee beans are dried on raised beds increasing the tactile sensation and therefore creating a very well-balanced coffee.

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Shakisso area, Guji zone of Oromia region
Farm: Mordecofe
Farm Size: 640 ha
Owner: Haile Gebre
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This coffee has a clean, well-balanced cup, notes of floral tea and a brown sugar sweetness.

Brown Sugar Floral Tea
Variety: Ethiopian Heirloom
Processing: washed