Ethiopia Teppi

Regional Coffee

It is said that the Arabica coffee tree has its origin in Ethiopia. According to an Ethiopian legend a herd of goats of a young shepherd called Kaldi came upon small trees bearing these bright red cherries. After the goats had eaten some of these fruits, they were more lively than usual. Kaldi tried the cherries, too, and experienced the same energizing effect. The Teppi is named after its growing area, located in South Ethiopia near the Djimmah Region and is washed like the Yirgacheffe, Sidamo and Limu. This processing is only used for the best varieties in Ehtiopia. Only 2% of the coffee harvest is produced by state farms. 98% of Ethiopian coffee (including our Teppi) is grown by many small farmers whose coffee gardens are no larger than one hectare in size. Thus, they can take care of each coffee tree and produce a very good quality, that results in an extraordinary aroma that can be tasted in the cup later. Nearly half of the Ethiopian population is working on coffee farms. The coffee export therefore is an important source of income for the whole country.

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Teppi, Sheka Zone
Altitude: 1.100 - 1.800 masl
Producer: Helen Gebrenigus
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This coffee has a juicy body, a medium sweetness and citric, floral flavors.

Citrus Floral
Variety: Arabica
Processing: washed
Grade: 2
Body: Juicy