Colombia Huila – Regionals

Regional Coffee

Huila is framed by the Central and Eastern ranges of the Andes, with most of it sitting in the Magdalena Valley or on the steep hill sides. Moreover, it is an important source of water and wildlife. The microclimate in the mountains combined with a high altitude and a variety of soils creates a perfect environment suited for a high-quality coffee growing. No surprise that farmers from Huila regularly produce “Cup of Excellence”- Lots and the region quickly becoming the largest coffee producing region within Colombia. Huila’s climate, terroir, and – perhaps most importantly – producers’ hard work and focus on quality make it an origin worth knowing and if you haven´t already: tasting.

Country: Colombia
Region: Huila
Altitude: 1.200-1.800 masl.
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This coffee has a delicate profile. A medium body with a bright acidity and sweet notes. Fruity and caramel aroma.

Caramel Fruits
Variety: Castillo, Colombia
Processing: Fully Washed
Grade: Excelso
Body: Medium to Good
Acidity: Bright