Indonesia Wahana Estate

Farm Coffee

Wahana Estate was established in 2003 and it is UTZ and RFA Certified.  Inside the Estate, we have producer Support Organization, Housing for workers, Schools for Children and Clinic. These facilties is also part of our CSR. Wahana Estate grown 12 different Varieties and P88 is one of them. We also offer 3 different process for the customer (Wet Hulled, Dry Hulled and Natural Process). This coffee has a noticeably difference in length compare to the common Arabica variety. This Long Berry Variety is known to be grown in the Harrar Region of Ethiopia and the long berry is consider one of the oldest cultivars of the Arabica Coffee bean. Because of its unique in length & flavor, we decide to plant in our Estate.

Country: Indonesia
Region: Sidikalang, North Sumatra
Farm: Wahana Estate
Farm Size: 500 ha
Altitude: 1.250 masl
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A coffee with herbal & floral flavors, a sweet and long-lasting aftertaste, medium acidity and a mild body.

Floral Herbal
Variety: Geisha, Long Berry, P88, Rasuna
Processing: natural, washed
Screen Size: >18
Grade: 1
Type of packaging: Ecotact
Body: Mild
Acidity: Medium
Aftertaste: Long-lasting, Sweet
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