Jamaica Blue Mountain Wallenford Estate

Farm Coffee

Jamaica Blue Mountain is the rarest and most sought after coffee in the world. Coffee was first introduced into Jamaica from the island of Martinique in 1728. But it wasn’t until the abolition of slavery on the British territory in 1838 when former slaves in the Blue Mountain began the cultivation of coffee. Located at the eastern ends of the island of Jamaica runs a majestic range of hills known as the Blue Mountains. At elevations of up to 5,000 feet, here the terrain, the soil, the rainfall, and the thick Blue Mountain mist combine to create the perfect conditions for the cultivation of the World’s famous, most distinguished and most delicious Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. Only coffee grown in this precise geographic region under exacting conditions will be certified “100% Blue Mountain Coffee”. Arabica typica is the dominant variety with almost 90% of the planted area. Our Jamaica Blue Mountain Wallenford Estate® is the most recognized, and most sought after Jamaica Blue Mountain® brand in the world. Jamaica High Mountain Supreme® coffee is produced using the same seedlings as Jamaica Blue Mountain®, that is, Arabica typica, however this coffee is grown in a different mountain range in the center to west of the island.

Country: Jamaica
Region: Blue Mountains
Farm: Wallenford Estate
Altitude: 1.500 masl
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This coffee has a soft acidity, very mellow and silky, intense notes of milk chocolate and brazil nut, very balanced.

Brazil Nut Milk Chocolate
Variety: Typica
Processing: washed
Grade: 1
Body: Well Balanced
Acidity: Soft
Cupping Score: 87