Kenya Baragwi Thimu

Cooperative Coffee, Microlot

This offering comes from the Thimu wet mill, a place steeped with the history of centuries of coffee planters. About 3000 farmers use the Thimu wet mill to process their harvest. The Kiringa river provides fresh water, necessary for effective fermentation. The Baragwi Farmers Co-op is named after the small village where it is located. It borders with Ngariama and Njuki-ini locations to the East, Kabare and Kirima locations to the West; Mt Kenya to the North and Mwea Division to the South. Rich with volcanic soil, this region is recognized for a smooth body that supports the dynamic acidity which makes Kenyan coffees so unique. The Baragwi Cooperative has more than 16,892 registered members.

Country: Kenya
Region: Kirinyaga
Farm: Baragwi Farmers’ Co-operative Society
Altitude: 1.700-1.800 masl
Washing Station: Thimu
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Hints of cranberry, honeydew and lavender.
Cranberry Honeydew Lavender
Processing: washed