Kenya Komothai Kaimbu

Cooperative Coffee

Kaimbu is one of the 13 factories within the Komothai FCS. Some of the factories are very far away from each other within the Kiambu county. Kiambu lies just on the slopes of the Aberdare mountains. The cherries are sorted before being pulped. The parchment is then fermented overnight, before being washed and graded into P1, P2, P3, P lights and pods. After that, it is dried on the drying tables for 8-14 days. In contrary to most other FCS, Komothai does not soak the parchment after washing.
At Komothai, the members are free to choose at which factory they will deliver their coffee. The society wants to empower the new generation – most of the factory managers are between 30-35 years old.

Country: Kenya
Region: Kiambu
Altitude: 1.700 - 1.800 masl
Washing Station: Kaimbu
Cooperative: Komothai FCS
Producer: 650 active members of the factory
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This coffee has an elegant acidity, round body, and flavors of berries and tea.

Tea Berry
Variety: Batian, Ruiru 11, SL 28, SL 34
Processing: washed
Body: Round
Acidity: Elegant
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