Kenya New Mitaboni FCS

Cooperative Coffee

New Mitaboni is the largest cooperative in the lower eastern area in terms of production. Their core improvements are the volume and quality of the coffee. Moreover, they work on balancing the gender of the employees as well as empowering young farmers.

Once arrived at the factory, the farmers are sorting their cherries to remove the under- and overripes. The cherries are then brought to the pulping unit, where they are pulped and then fermented overnight. After the fermentation, the parchment is washed and separated into P1, P2, P3 and P lights. The factory was constructed in 1982 and is the one with the highest elevation in the society. The society supports their members through trainings and education.

Country: Kenya
Region: Machakos
Altitude: 1.761 masl
Washing Station: Mbee
Cooperative: New Mitaboni FCS
Producer: 587 farmers
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Black Tea Grapes
Variety: Batian, SL 28, SL 34
Processing: washed
Body: Full
Acidity: Sparkling, Sweet
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