Mexico Finca Xicote

Farm Coffee

In December 16th of 2013, 45 coffee producers of the region of Chenalhó founded the association “Productores de Café y Semillas de Chenalhó (XICOTE)” to  find an added value to their coffee with a sustainable and ecological farm practices. Today the association has a total of 735 indigenous producers. In 2015 the association joined the program of Café California “Por mas Café” to replant almost all their farms that were affected by the roya in 2014. With the technical advice from Café California the association improve their ecological and sustainable farming to achieve a high quality and organic coffee.

Country: Mexico
Region: Chenalhó Chiapas
Farm Size: 4 ha
Altitude: 1.200 - 1.450 masl
Owner: Productores de Café y Semillas de Chenalhó
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This is a well-balanced coffee with a round body, a fine citric acidity, flavors of apricot and caramel as well as a sweet chocolaty aftertaste.

Caramel Apricot
Variety: Bourbon, Catuai
Processing: sun-dried, washed
Body: Medium to Good, Round
Acidity: Citric
Aftertaste: Chocolate, Sweet