Nepal Himalaya Kavre Greenland Organic Farm


Greenland Organic Farm’s “Kavre Microlot” Bourbon is produced at ‘Farm Hilltop’ and ‘Farm Basecamp’ both of which are located at Chyamrang Besi of Kavre District, Nepal. Farm Hilltop (27.453613, 85.434472) is at 1.690 meter altitude, probably the highest in Nepal with some old Pacamara plants. Farm Basecamp (27.450869, 85.421375) is at 1.100 to 1.300 Meters. This lot is among some of the finest Arabica washed coffees out of Nepal for this year.

Greenland Organic Coffee Farm is at 58 Kilometers South East from Kathmandu, around 4.5 hours off road bumpy drive and more than 45 minutes sharp uphill trek.

Country: Nepal
Region: Chyamrang Besi, Kavre District
Farm: Greenland Organic Farms (Farm Hilltop & Farm Farm Basecamp)
Altitude: 1.100 - 1.700 masl
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This coffee has flavors of black currant, plum and sweet lime.

Lime Black Currant Plum
Variety: Bourbon
Processing: sun-dried, washed
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