Nicaragua Finca Aurora

Farm Coffee

In the Dipilto region, in Nicaragua´s border area to Honduras, lies the organic coffee Finca Aurora. It is a natural treasure – beyond its coffee plantation – with many creeks, diversified shadow trees, and a rich birdlife. In this finca Austrian owner Ulrich Salamun cultivates mainly Red Catuai and Mareillesa, both with a rich and differentiated flavour. All our coffee is hand picked. It is then pulped and fermented in the washing station on the farm. After a fermentation time of 12-18 hours, the coffee is washed carefully in fresh spring water. Then it is brought to our own drying facility, where it is sun-dried and then left to rest for a period of at least 6 weeks so that the humidity can homogenize under optimum conditions. A few days before the exportation date, it is hulled and carefully prepared for exportation. When the sorting process is finished, the green coffee is put into the protective Grainpro bags, so that its freshness is preserved to the maximum.
Ulrich Salamun produces specialty arabica coffee on his “Finca Aurora”, which reminds him strongly of his home country, Austria, because of the pine trees. Ulrich Salamun is growing coffee in Nicaragua since 2003.

Country: Nicaragua
Region: Dipilto
Farm: Aurora
Farm Size: 60 ha
Altitude: 1.150 masl
Owner: Ulrich Salamun
Producer: Ulrich Salamun
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This coffee has a light acidity, good body, is balanced with a long lasting aftertaste and flavors of vanilla.

Variety: Catuai
Processing: sun-dried
Screen Size: >16
Grade: SHG EP
Body: Good
Acidity: Pleasant
Aftertaste: Long-lasting
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