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Around the world, farming has become a high-tech enterprise. But in Uganda, it hasn’t changed much in centuries. While smallholders in Vietnam produce approximately 2,500 kilograms of green coffee per hectare, in Uganda, yields are closer to 500 kilograms. The difference, in large part, is soil nutrition. NKG Bloom Uganda focuses on three key offerings: Soil analysis and fertilizer availability; mobile money advances; and professional assistance in agriculture and business best practices. An initial NKG Bloom effort in Uganda—inspiration for the global initiative— has already provided advances for fertilizer to more than 9,000 farmers. In addition to fertilizer, the mobile money advances offer farmers immediate, and more regular, access to cash and enable them to avoid predatory lenders. Up to a predefined limit per harvest, farmers can withdraw mobile money as often and for whatever purposes they like; the advance is then repaid during the harvest, preferably with coffee.

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Country: Uganda
Region: Masaka,Mityana, Mubende & Luwero
Farm: 25.000 Smallholders
Altitude: 750 masl.
Cooperative: NKG Bloom
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This coffee has a round cup with sweetish Kenyan flavour, coming with a medium body and a medium acidity.

Dark Chocolate Cherry
Variety: Robusta
Processing: natural, sun-dried
Body: Round
Acidity: Balanced
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