Panama Boquete Garrido

Farm Coffee

This coffee comes from all Garrido family owned farms, all in the Region of Boquete in different micro-regions, the Alto Quien, Volcancito, Alto Lino,and Callejón Seco. This coffee is a blend of Estate farms such as Volcancito Estate, Mama Cata Estate, Margarita Estate & Palomar Estate. Teodoro Garrido is the founder of Cafe Garrido as brand nevertheless all these coffee farms where coffee farms before Panama was a country undergoing long ownership and coffee farming stories.

Country: Panama
Region: Boquete (Alto Quien, Alto Lino, Callejón, Seco and Volcancito)
Farm: Cafe Garrido S.H.B. Boquete Panama
Farm Size: > 200 ha
Altitude: 1.200 - 1.750 masl
Owner: Teodoro Garrido
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A well-balanced coffee with a medium body, a citric acidity and flavors of citrus and dried fruits, blueberries, apple, cocoa and caramel.

Apple Caramel Citrus Cocoa Blueberry Dried fruits
Variety: Geisha, Heirloom, Catuai, Typica
Processing: pulped, sun-dried, hand-picked
Body: Medium
Acidity: Citric
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