Panama La Esmeralda Private Collection Jaramillo

Farm Coffee

Reyna Carnaval is part of the Esmeralda Special Collection, which is a rare award-winning coffee that has several online coffee auction records, it started in June 2004 when sold for $21 a pound, up to $350,25 dollars per pound in May 2013 at the Best of Panama Auction – Naturals category. This coffee is sold both in the Esmeralda Special Auction and outside of the auction small quantities are sold by direct trade.
At Esmeralda we start by carefully instructing those who hand pick the fruit, to only pick the completely ripe, red fruits. They are paid a premium for this. Every night, as the coffee is received in the ‘beneficio’ (our processing plant), each harvester’s product for the day is weighed and inspected for defects or green beans. We strive for absolute consistency and excellence in preparation. We devote enormous time to the details and fine touches that have always distinguished Esmeralda Estate coffee from ‘just another coffee’.

Country: Panama
Region: Jaramillo
Farm: Hacienda La Esmeralda
Farm Size: 2 ha
Altitude: 1.570 – 1.625 masl
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This coffee has tastes of honey, and jasmine flowers, and a refreshing citric acidity.

Jasmine Flowers Honey
Variety: Geisha
Processing: washed
Acidity: Refreshing, Citric
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