Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate

Farm Coffee

Sigri Coffee Estate was founded in the 1950’s by Tom Cole, a crocodile hunter and coffee farmer. Subsequently it was bought by WR Carpenters. The farm is situated in 1.525m altitude in the flat and fertile Waghi Valley near Mt.Hagen. Soils are of Volcanic origin. Regular rainfall and good sunshine provides the basis for coffee to grow and cup well. Shade trees comprise Albizzia sp. and Causuarina sp. Waghi River forms one side of the estate boundary.

Country: Papua New Guinea
Region: Western Highlands, Mt. Hagen
Farm: Sigri Estate
Farm Size: 125 ha
Altitude: 1.525 masl
Owner: WR Carpenters Estate
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A well-balanced coffee with citric, malic acidity and flavors of red and tropical fruits, lemon, chocolate and orange.

Red Fruits Tropical Fruits Chocolate Lemon Orange
Variety: Arusha, Maragogype, Bourbon, Typica
Processing: dry-milling, hand sorted, machine pulped, sun-dried, hand-picked
Acidity: Citric, Malic
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