Peru Programa Familia

Farm Coffee

Programa Familia is an agricultural extension and social development program in Peru, which promotes the welfare and self-development of the small coffee producers through the provision of adequate knowledge to rationally use natural resources. Since 2003, they have been developing production and management capacities that allow agricultural producers to compete with the dynamics of the global market through three strategic axes: Functional organization, adequate technical assistance and enough microcredit for self-development.
This work is important, because Programa Familia unites Peruvian families emotionally and financially, inspiring their dedication to a pleasant coffee growing and develops the social and cultural part of the native communities by promoting education, health and safety and protecting its authenticity at the same time. Additionally, they promote the conservation and protection of biodiversity, water and all other sources of nature.

Country: Peru
Region: Cajamarca: Chirinos, Cuenca Chincipe, San Ignacio, Cuenca Tabaconas, Bellavista
Farm: Loma Santa, Finca Lamushka, Finca Chocan, Finca Salinas, Cordilla Azul Cooperative (associative organization of small coffee producers)
Altitude: 1.550-1.750 masl
Producer: Juan Quevedo, Maximina Mego & Moises Requejo, Lorenzo Cano, Miguel Chocan, Salinas Rosaura
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A sweet coffee with a creamy body and flavors of fruits and chocolate.

Fruity Sweet Chocolate
Variety: Marsellesa, Pache, Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Mundo Novo, Typica
Processing: washed
Acidity: Pure
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