Rwanda Ishema

Ishema wet mill was started by Tushabe Joy, with the purpose of helping the women in her local community get jobs and learn skills that will help them to sustain their own families. The station located at an altitude of around 1.500 m was able to learn the processing methods fast, growing to producing up to 2 containers worth cherries this past season of 2018. Joy works with women coffee farmers in her area to train them on best agricultural practices, so that when they are not working at the station during the harvest, they can at least maintain their coffee farms properly to achieve high productivity.

Country: Rwanda
Region: Ngoma District, Eastern Province
Altitude: 1.500 masl
Washing Station: Ishema
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A well-balanced coffee, medium acidity and a sweet aftertaste.

Variety: Red Bourbon
Processing: washed
Body: Well Balanced
Acidity: Medium
Aftertaste: Sweet
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