Rwanda Kageyo

Cooperative Coffee

Kageyo received a loan in 2009 to build a small washing station. Prior to the washing station, Kageyo coop had produced semiwashed coffee. Their first year of operation was 2010, where they processed 67 tons of coffee cherries. In 2010 Kageyo took 2nd place in the Cup of Excellence competition in Rwanda, but followed that up with a poor production year in 2012 and low sale prices. In 2013 they partnered with RTC to secure a better market for their coffee. Through this partnership they increased production while maintaining the high quality that they are known for, and in 2015 RTC purchased Kageyo to have full ownership.

Country: Rwanda
Region: Ngororero District, West Province
Altitude: 1.700 masl
Cooperative: Kageyo
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This is a coffee with a smooth body, a medium acidity and flavors of honey, clove and lemon.

Clove Honey Lemon
Variety: Bourbon
Processing: pulped, sun-dried, washed
Body: Smooth
Acidity: Medium
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