Rwanda Nyakibanda

Regional Coffee

Nyakibanda Green Coffee, a privately owned station by Nshimiyimana Janvier, has been operating since 2014, making this year its 5th season. Janvier is a coffee farmer with 4200 trees, at the time of his first harvest, he wanted to process his own cherries and with many farmers around the area, building a station was an opportunity. The station is equipped with a Penagos machine to pulp cherries and raised beds to sun dry parchment. He processes around 200 tons of cherries per year on average, making his quality exceptional because of the small volume he is handling. Nyakibanda participated in the Cup of Excellence competition and ended number 13th in 2016 and was also preselected in the top 36 stations in 2018.

Country: Rwanda
Region: Huye District, Southern Province
Altitude: 1.800 - 2.200 masl
Washing Station: Nyakibanda
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A honeyed, floral cup with a delicate body and flavors of apricot.

Floral Honey Apricot
Variety: Red Bourbon
Processing: washed