Tanzania Shilanga Amcos Coffee Club

Cooperative Coffee

Shilanga AMCOS started producing fully washed coffees in 2012. Frank Ndotera one of the lead farmers in the group has been responsible for the rapid growth of Shilanga Amcos. The group has grown four fold in the last 5 years. Frank expects to harvest, 0.8 MT from 0.5 acre farm which makes him an exceptional farmer. The coffee is fully washed with water from the Iyanga river, graded based on density, soaked in tanks and dried on raised beds. The parchment is then hand-picked on the drying tables to remove defects.

Country: Tanzania
Region: Mbozi and Songwe
Farm Size: 88 farmers
Altitude: 1.600 - 1.750 masl
Cooperative: Shilanga Amcos
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A coffee with a round body, citric acidity and flavors of tropical fruits, chocolate, citrus & brown bread.

Brown Bread Jasmine Tropical Fruits Chocolate
Variety: KT 423, N39
Processing: washed
Grade: PB, AA
Acidity: Citric