Mexico Finca El Chorro

Finca El Chorro is located in the heart of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas with an area of 294 has. 267 dedicated to organic coffee farming and 27 as a wildlife reserve. El Chorro owns its name to the many water springs surrounding this pristine coffee plantation. We grow Typica, Bourbon and Catuai varieties under lots of shade trees. Our annual production averages 2500 bags of 69 kgs. It was until 1965 that roads and bridges were constructed and vehicles started to circulate in the area. It was extremely hard to overcome these difficulties because of the monumental rocks across the whole site, and the numerous rivers and creeks crisscrossing the narrow paths. Even through the recent international coffee crisis we maintained the dedicated care and optimum conditions to our coffee trees, harvesting only the mature coffee cherries and sundrying the parchment provide only the best handselected coffee grains.
The origins of El Chorro date back to around 1910. Politic turmoil didn´t affect the coffee production area of Soconusco due to the mountains isolation. On 1914 Miguel Lavin a Spanish immigrant from Santander, acquired the property and established coffee as the main crop, introducing Typica Arabica. His heirs sold it in the 1930´s to Don Segundo Longo and his wife, Doña Maria Luisa who introduced Bourbon varieties and built the wet mill and patios for sun drying. Nowadays, Sven Shalit owns the farm and converted it organic. Before 1964, it was not possible to access “El Chorro” but on mules.

Land: Mexico
Region: Sierra Madre de Chiapas
Farm: Finca El Chorro
Farm Größe: 294 ha (267 with coffee)
Höhenlage: 700 - 1.000 masl
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This coffee has a highlighting acidity, a round body, and flavors of stone fruits and berries.