Indonesia Merapi Sindoro & Sumbing

Farm Kaffee

It began in 1977 when the indonesian Government run national program to renewing export commodity, in which coffee is the first priority. From the years 1982 to 1987 the productivity increase. 1985 Redjodadi signed cooperation with the farmers group from 3 sub District. Suspended Quota System brought all of coffee grower in dif culties in selling their product with fair price. Since there we start processing wet, hope to get Specialty Coffee with better price and selling branded coffee, named with Sumbing, Sindoro and Merapi.

Land: Indonesia
Region: Temanggung, Java
Farm: Wonoboyo, Tretep
Farm Größe: 320 ha
Höhenlage: 600 - 900 masl
Inhaber: Farmers Group
Produzent: PT. Redjodadi
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This coffee has a sweet, light acidity, a round body and flavors of mocca and caramel.

Karamel Mocca
Varietät: BP 42, BP 48, TS 300, BP 358
Verarbeitung: Hand-gepflückt, Nass Gepulpt, Sonnengetrocknet
Körper: Rund
Säure: Leicht, Lieblich
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