Rwanda Intore

Intore coffee is composed of coffee from 65 washing stations and some 80,000 coffee farmers spread across Rwanda. Some of those washing stations are owned by RTC and the rest are financed to work exclusively with RTC. The washing station are buying cherries from the farmers around them, and processing them into dry parchment before delivering to RTC’s dry mill in Kigali. Intore coffee is produced by smallholder farmers, most of whom have few than 200 coffee trees. A large number of those small farmers in RTC’s supply chain have access to agronomy training to teach them how to grow the highest quality and increase productivity, a program expected to expand across the whole country.

Land: Rwanda
Region: Karongi District, Western Province
Höhenlage: 1.400 - 1.900 masl
Washing Station: Rwanda Trading Company
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A well-balanced coffee, a medium acidity, smooth body and sweet aftertaste.

Varietät: Arabica, Bourbon
Verarbeitung: Gewaschen
Körper: Sanft
Säure: Medium
Abgang: Süß