Tanzania Iyela Coffee Group


The CPU was founded by Rashid who is a successful entrepreneur and coffee farmer himself. The CPU was started in 2011 and processed semi-washed coffees up until last year. However seeing the additional value in producing fully washed coffees, he convinced the farmers in neighbouring areas to produce fully washed coffees at the start of the 2016/2017 season. The coffee is fully washed with water from the Shidawa river, fermented in tanks, graded based on density, soaked in tanks and dried on raised beds. The parchment is then handpicked on the drying tables to remove defects.

Land: Tanzania
Region: Iyela, Ilomba, Iyula, Mbozi and Songwe
Farm Größe: 194 small scale farmers
Höhenlage: 1.800 - 1.900 masl
Kooperative: Iyela Coffee Group
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A coffee with notes of coffee blossom, cane sugar, a good acidity with traces of green apple and a creamy body.

Grüner Apfel Kaffeeblüte Zuckerrohr
Varietät: N39
Verarbeitung: Gewaschen
Körper: Cremig
Säure: Good