Uganda Chanzo Coffee

Mt. Elgon is an extinct shield volcano located in the eastern region of Uganda along the border of Uganda and Kenya. Although the peak of Mt. Elgon reaches 4.321 masl, Chanzo Coffee is harvested between 1.750 masl and 2.100 masl. Our small holder farmers are trained on best harvesting techniques to ensure harvesting of the most ideal ripe cherries. Coffee cherries are then collected and pulped at a central location to ensure that the proper floating/washing and drying techniques are being implemented to ensure that the highest quality possible is attained. Within the group of farmers there are “Lead Farmers” who have shown their unique ability to harvest, wash and dry their coffee at their own farms while still implementing top quality processing techniques.

Land: Uganda
Region: Mountain Elgon, Eastern Uganda
Farm Größe: 150 - 200 smallholder farmers
Höhenlage: 1.750 - 2.100 masl
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This is a fruity coffee with a smooth, round body and hints of chocolate.

Varietät: Bourbon, SL14, SL28
Verarbeitung: Gewaschen
Körper: Rund, Sanft
Säure: Fruchtig
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