Uganda Ankole Coop Union

The Ankole Coffee Producers Coop Union was formed in 2006 and included ten primary cooperative societies, in the South West of Uganda. Centered around the town of Bushenyi, on the escarpment to the east of Lake Edward and south of Lake George. The cooperative has since grown to include primary cooperative societies and now includes in excess of 8.200 farms, at an approximate 70 to 30 ration of men to women farmer members. Producing approximately 3.800 metric tons of export grade Robusta coffee per annum. The cooperative assists its members by the provision of Robusta coffee seedlings, training farmers good agricultural practices, the promotion of planting indigenous trees, which is all related aside from the financial empowerment of its members, to the promotion of good   environmental practices. The cooperative asides from practical training for the farmers, provides some degree of crop finance and transport for the farmers crops while assisting the farmers with the financial management of their crops and farms. The cooperative manages the processing of the member´s coffees to exportable grade standards, while liaising on behalf of the farmers with the FLO Fairtrade and Organic Certification bodies, for their value and sustainability certifications. In terms of the necessary standards for certification, the cooperative provides regular training to it´s members, to ensure compliance.

Land: Uganda
Region: Bushenyi, South West Uganda
Höhenlage: 1.200 – 1.900 masl
Washing Station: Ankole Coffee Producers Coop Union
Kooperative: Ankole Coffee Producers Coop Union
Produzent: 8.200 farmers
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This coffee has a full body, a balanced bitterness and sweetness and flavors of chocolate & nuts.

Nuss Schokolade
Processing: Natural
Body: Voll
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