Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kerchanshe

Yirgacheffe zone authoritatively called Gedeo is a zone inside the province of Southern Nations and Nationalities People’s Region. Coffee is sold under the name Yirgacheffe – which is an area inside the Gedeo Zone. Yirgacheffe is home to the most subtle and complex profiles Ethiopia has to bring to the table. This is the motivation behind why this little zone has cut a profile for itself so well inside the worldwide coffee market.
Yirgacheffe coffee is abundantly pursued for its splendid point citrus acidity. It’s well bodied, balanced cup of mocha joined with extravagant, hot components and a variety of fruity flavors gives it a layered and complex wheel of taste. Yirgacheffe is prestigious for its washed coffees is acquiring notoriety with fruity adjusted naturals, also.
Yirgacheffe coffee is mainly developed by little land holders who own around 0,25 to 2 hectares of land. The little holder develops his yield under the shade of bogus banana and other nitrogen crops. The co-agents, washing, and drying stations are the assembly points where all the cherries are gathered for handling.

Land: Ethiopia
Region: Chelelektu, Southern Ethiopia
Farm: Multiple smallholder farmers
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This coffee has a lingering acidity, full body, flavors of black tea, citrus and hint of floral notes.