We are helping to empower Smallholder Farmers in Brazil by taking part in the Força Café Championship. Find out, what Força Café Championship is about and how you can support participating farmer families:

The Força Café Championship honors and encourages Brazil’s smallholder farmers – who represent 80 percent of the country’s coffee farmers, despite Brazil being better known for the 18 percent of farmers who produce the majority of its coffee.

Our NKG colleagues at Stockler Brazil, and agronomists with the nonprofit Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung do Brasil, have been working with smallholder producers to help them increase cup quality and embrace more entrepreneurial futures since 2007 —and it’s working. Year over year we’re seeing the same producers coming back, improving each time and creating better lives for themselves. More than 6.000 smallholder farmers are part of the project.

In 2012, HRNS do Brasil had the idea of a Championship to enable those coffee families to improve their access to the coffee market and to incentive the farmers that are improving their coffee quality permanently.

The Força Café Coffee Championship has since then become an international event that is attracting many roasters from all over the world.

After a pre-selection of all submitted coffees – every October – a worldwide selected group of coffee experts is invited to come to Brazil to be part of the jury of the the Força Café Championship finals, choosing the best specialty coffees out of the last 50-60 coffees from different regions as well as in semi-washed and natural categories. The winning coffees, 10-12 in both natural and semi-washed category are auctioned online. In 2017, the winning coffees reached in average a 80% higher price than on the common coffee market. The premium is directly going to the farmers.

Do you want to support Força Café?
Every year, all winner coffees will be part of an auction – let us know if you want us to bid for you or just watch out for our selection of the Força Café Microlots (more info below). 

Further, you can opt to include a 10-cent premium to Casa da Criança do Jovem Amparense – founded in the 1980s, it supports the poorest communities around Santo Antônio do Amparo, offering children, young people and adults access to a variety of classes, from Taekwondo and Baroque sweet flute lessons to garage gate repair.

Last but not least, we offer you to join us for the full  Força Café experience and to come with us to Brazil – get in touch with us if you are interested in being a jury member of the Força Café finals in October!

Brazil Força Café Championship Microlots

Coffees with round, well-balanced bodies, a citric acidity and flavors of citrus, chocolate, nuts and stone fruits as well as floral notes.

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