Brasilien Fazenda Dona Nenem

Farm Kaffee, Projektkaffee
Nicht auf Lager

Eduardo Campos received the land through heritage from his father’s family. He names the farm “Fazenda Dona Nenem” after his mother. He starts working as a coffee farmer in 1977, being the very first in the region of Patos de Minas to plant coffee, according to own statements. Special attention was given to nature already before the concepts of certification reached Brazil. In practice, preservation goes well beyond the rigid Brazilian environmental laws. Native trees and bushes are replanted and the impact of cattle raising is compensated by water protection alongside the rivers and brooks. The natural, bush like vegetation of the Brazilian Cerrado is by this preserved while on the other hand side modern farming techniques are practiced. Coffee is harvested manually as well as by modern machines that are able to harvest only the ripe cherries. The farm is UTZ certified as well as Rainforest Alliance certified.

Land: Brasilien
Region: Municipality Presidente Olega, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Farm: Fazenda Dona Nenem
Farm Größe: 228 ha coffee (800 ha in total)
Höhenlage: 1.054 – 1.068 masl
Inhaber: Eduardo Pinheiro Campos
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This coffee has a sweet, full body, a light acidity and is very well balanced.
With every bag you buy of this coffee you support a social project for Casa da Criança in Brazil.

Variety: Red Cataui, Yellow Bourbon, Yellow Catuaí
Processing: Gewaschen, Halbgewaschen, Natural, Pulped Natural
Status: Nicht auf Lager
Body: Voll
Acidity: Leicht