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Coffee is a feeling: In every sip of our coffee, there are the stories of the farmers and the beauty of the regions from which it hails. This requires a strong foundation of knowledge and passion for the product, along with years of expertise and the most valuable connections.

The core of The Signature Collection is our commitment to consistently deliver high quality and the distinct flavor of each origin.
You can not only taste it, you can feel it. That’s why we call it “This Coffee Feeling”!

Country: Brazil
Region: Minas Gerais
Altitude: 900 - 1.300 masl.
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Hazelnut and chocolate. Balanced with a soft texture.


BOM DIA impresses with a balanced acidity ranging from gentle to citrusy. A silky texture promises a pleasant mouthfeel. Flavours of cherry, chocolate, hazelnut, raisin, and toffee combine to create an unparalleled taste with a delightful finish and a long-lasting aftertaste.

Raisin Toffee Cherry Chocolate Hazelnut
Processing: natural
Body: Full, Round
Acidity: Balanced, Gentle, Citric