India Pambadampara Estate

Farm Coffee

The verdant expanse that greets your eye tells a luscious story dating back to early 1900‘s. Situated at a delightful altitude of 3700ft the estate was first developed by JJ Murphy, often referred to as the pioneer of planters in India. It owns the reputation of being the first organized cardamom plantation of the country.

Changing hands in 1946 it has ever since rested with the MSP family and coffee was introduced as early as 1965. Now spread over 1000 acres of prolific coffee plantation interspersed with forest trees. It lies adjacent to the Periyar Tiger Reserve, the richest biodiversity spot of the Western Ghats.

Country: India
Region: Western Ghats
Farm: Pambadampara Estate
Altitude: 1.100 masl
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This greenish oval shaped coffee has a medium body and a sparkling brightness with dark fruit, plum and fig hints. It also has cover of mild honey and wild flower accent. The fruit note in the cup has peach and green apple that lingers. The mid-range notes have honey, tea and wild flower sweetness.

Citrus Honey Nut
Variety: SLN 9
Processing: sun-dried, hand-picked, washed