Indonesia Sulawesi Kalossi

Farm Coffee

Since Independence the political and economic stability was often disturbed along different ethnic groups. Particularly in different regions who wanted to  autonomy from the Indonesia an example being East Timor. Because of these political beliefs the future for the Indonesian coffee economy is uncertain.

The most important coffee producing regions are found on the Islands of Java, Sumatra,  Sulawesi (the former Celebes) and Timor. The cultivation of coffee in Indonesia has a 300 years history; which is closely related to the Dutch colonial rule. 90% of the cultivated area is divided up into many small farms. 150  plantations take up about 40.000 hectares, particularly in Java. 11 million people, i. e. 2 million families of the population is dependent upon coffee for survival. The botanical species cultivated in Indonesia are about 90% Robusta and about 10% Arabica coffee. A specific variety is the Arabica Catimor.

Country: Indonesia
Region: Kalossi, Enrekang, Sulawesi
Altitude: 1.000 - 1.200 masl
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This coffee has a smooth body, a light acidity and fruity notes.

Variety: Arabica, Robusta, Catimor
Processing: sun-dried
Body: Smooth
Acidity: Light
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