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The most important coffee producing regions in Indonesia are found on the Islands of Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi (the former Celebes) and Timor. The cultivation of coffee in Indonesia has a 300 years history; which is closely related to the Dutch colonial rule. The „Lintong“ and „Mandheling“ coffees originated from Sumatra which is located in the West end of the archipelago. This coffee differs substantially in the regional source and the colour. Lintong coffees are named after region Lintong were they are grown. This region is in the province North-Sumatra. Mandheling grows in the province „Aceh“, particularly in the Region of „Gayo“.
The processing is specific because it is neither a wet processing, nor a dry processing. The handpicked coffee cherries were pulped but the remaining pulp is not removed by the traditional fermentation process; but through a manual rubbing with sand. After a few days the pergamino hull is dried by the sun. After drying the brittle pergamino hull will be removed and afterwards the coffee is screened and sorted by colour, size and weight. Apparently the Lintong coffee owes his exotic taste to this special process.

Country: Indonesia
Region: Lintong
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This coffee has a buttery body, a fresh and vibrant acidity and flavours of cassis, rhubarb and herbal notes.

Cassis Herbs Rhubarb
Variety: Typica
Processing: wet-hulled, sun-dried, hand-picked
Body: Buttery
Acidity: Fresh, Vibrant