Nicaragua Fincas Mierisch El Limoncillo

Farm Coffee

The Mierisch family has been farming coffee in Nicaragua for over 100 years.

They spend their days in the high mountains of Nicaragua ’s Matagalpa and Jinotega regions. As a family-run operation, they have produced high quality shade-grown coffee on both sides of their families. Two family stories, that end in coffee farming.

Long story short, in the early 1900’s Bruno Mierisch worked with his son Wilfrido on the coffee farms. Then Wilfrido worked with his boys on the coffee farms, and today his boys work with their sons and daughters on the coffee farms.

More about Fincas Mierisch:

Country: Nicaragua
Region: Matagalpa
Farm: El Limoncillo
Farm Size: 171 ha
Altitude: 850 - 1.110 masl
Owner: Fausto Martinez
Producer: Mierisch Family
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Stone fruits, sugar cane and apple flavors
Orange Peel Passionfruit Rum
Variety: Java, Red Pacamara
Processing: pulped natural, natural, honey-processed, washed
El Limoncello-1