Papua New Guinea Girambin

Farm Coffee

The Girambin A and AA is coffee sourced from a well-known plantation area in PNG’s highlands. During the colonial era this was the ground zero of many well managed and immaculately manicured plantation estates. Famous names in this region would be the Kigabah and Amuliba estates, who are still operating. Girambin is a locality near the township of Banz, at the border of Western Province and Jiwaka Province. Banz was a major hub of PNG plantation operations in earlier days. Girambin is now a plantation that is still managed as a single estate but is coffee sourced from former plantation blocks. On occasion NGHCE (New Guinea Highlands Coffee) is able to source specific lots from these former estates that have been processed separately. These lots are very hard to come by considering that in this dayand- age the former estates are divided in smaller blocks that have been given back to original landowners. This means that these blocks are operated as smallholder/blockholder operations only, and parchment unfortunately mostly gets sold road-side and mixed in with other untraceable lots. This is simply due to market access and easy-cash decision making by current owners of these blocks. We do our utmost to work with supply chains to be able to isolate cherry from these plantation blocks and process these separately. In the case of these Girambin lots, we have been able to do so. Although this coffee is not from a single estate under single ownership and management, the history and quality of these lots clearly showcase the quality of the (former) plantation operations.

Country: Papua New Guinea
Region: Kudjip, Jiwaka Province
Farm: Girambin
Altitude: 1.500 - 1.700 masl
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This coffee has a pleasant malic acidity, a medium and balanced round body and hints of stone fruits.

Stone Fruits
Grade: A, AA
Body: Round, Well Balanced
Acidity: Pleasant, Malic
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