Peru CEMCAVIR Cooperative

Cooperative Coffee

An alliance of coffee farmers from the Villa Rica region of Peru. Our organization works with the goal to produce high-quality coffee in harmony with nature and to improve the quality of life of our families. In our cooperative, we produce what we live: closeness to nature, high quality, ecological diversity, fair conditions. Our ecological cooperative is the first women’s cooperative in the region. At the moment we are 28 women who grow their coffee with heart, soul and love. Our coffee production goes hand in hand with social and environmental responsibility. So for us ecological fertilization and the abandonment of pesticides are a matter of course. Our coffee farmers receive fair prices for our high-quality coffee, which enables them to make economic progress and improve their quality of life.

Country: Peru
Region: Reserva de Biosfera Asháninka Yánesha and Bosque Modelo, Villa Rica
Altitude: 1.500 - 1.900 masl
Cooperative: Cooperative Ecologica de Mujeres Cafeteleras Villa Rica (CEMCAVIR)
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Variety: Limani, Amarillo, Caturra Rojo, Pache, Tipica, Bourbon, Catimor
Processing: anaerobic, washed
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