Uganda Bugisu

The Sipi Falls are an agricultural attraction in Uganda that fall from the hillsides of Mount Elgon which is a mountain with volcanic origin and lies in the eastern part of the country. Because of its enormous basis, it is believed that Mount Elgon was once the highest mountain in Africa. The ancient volcanic hillsides are distant, moderate through the altitude and consist of primary forest and bracing streams, rivers and waterfalls. The natives believe that god lives on Mount Elgon, far above the height that people can reach trough climbing. When god is in a good mood, they say, he makes it rain. God has been in a good mood since many years, there is lush gardens along the hillsides.
Over the years Kawacom (U) Ltd focused on quality and innovation, always trying to offer Uganda´s best coffees to the world. The coffee farmers of Bagisu tribe, that live in the region, established their reputation with one of Uganda´s best arabica coffees and gave their legacy to Bugisu Washed Arabica.

Country: Uganda
Region: Bugisu
Farm Size: 1,89 ha in average
Altitude: 1.250 - 1.900 masl
Producer: 8.914 small farmers
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This coffee has a citric, refreshing acidity, full body, flavors of berries and fruits with chocolaty notes.

Fruits Berry Chocolate
Variety: Arabica
Processing: washed
Body: Full
Acidity: Citric, Fresh