Peru Finca La Aurora

Farm Kaffee, Microlot

Senora Olga Tello Quintana cultivates excellent organic Arabica coffee in different varities. Her parents came to Villa Rica from the Andes in 1960 and have been growing coffee since 1978. Senora Quintana feels obligated to her Andean roots and cultivates her organic coffee on her Finca in accordance with the principles of the agroforestry and with regard to the biodiversity of her homeland. The production of the best qualities fills her with joy and is her obligation for the future.

Land: Peru
Region: Villa Rica
Farm: Finca Aurora
Höhenlage: 1.650 masl
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This coffee has a juicy, velvety body, a fresh, malic acidity with a medium sweetness and floral, citric notes.

Floral Zitrus
Varietät: Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra, Geisha, Pache
Verarbeitung: Gewaschen
Körper: Saftig, Velvety
Säure: Malic
Cupping Score: 83.5
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