Colombia La Manuela

Farm Coffee

La Manuela Estate lies in the Region of Caldas, close to the small town Aranzazu. After the Estate´s coffee is collected by the employees, it is weighted. Then, it is moved from the coffee plantation to the wet processing place in a small truck. This truck makes several trips in the afternoon. When the coffee arrives, it is empty in a hopper and from there it goes to the peeling shell machines. Afterwards it goes to a desmucilaginador, this machine takes out the honey. Since the new technology, there is not fermentation process anymore. Finally, the coffee is dried by the sun or in a heating chamber. When the coffee arrives at the mill, it is weight and a simple is taken from each bag. In the quality control lab, the coffee is cupped, analyzed and the humidity is measured. Once the coffee is approved it is keep in bulk.

Country: Colombia
Region: Aranzazu
Altitude: 1.960 masl
Producer: 150 small scale farmers
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This coffee has a high sweetness, a juicy body and flavors of tropical fruits and chocolate.

Tropical Fruits Chocolate
Variety: Castillo
Processing: sun-dried, washed
Grade: Supremo
Body: Juicy