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Farm Coffee

Finca Santa Maria was established by Rafael Alvarez L. in 1892 in the slopes of Apaneca Ilamatepec Mountain Range, near Calzontes Arriba. Now, it is owned by Hermanos Alvarez Diaz, the fourth generation from this coffee family. Santa Maria is planted with red bourbon / pacas variety and is cultivated under native shaded trees which improves and conserves the soil and provides habitation for different wildlife. The excellent growing conditions and the commitment to developing sustainable practices have help us to harvest the best coffee cherries which are processed at El Borbollon mill which is managed by Eduardo Alvarez, one of the family members.

Country: El Salvador
Region: Apaneca Ilamatepec Mountain Range
Farm: Santa Maria
Altitude: 1.200 - 1.350 masl
Owner: Alvarez Family
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This coffee has a round body, a sparkling and lemony acidity with flavors of slight fruits and nuts.

Fruits Nut
Variety: Paca, Red Bourbon
Processing: washed
Body: Round
Acidity: Lemony, Sparkling
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